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Book Chapters


2023. “¡Guardia, Guardia!”: Autonomies and territorial defense in the context of Colombia’s post Peace-Accord. In Indigenous Territorial Autonomy and Self-Government in the Diverse Americas, M. González, R. Funaki, A. Burguete Cal y Mayor, J.  Mariman, P. & Ortiz T. (Eds). University of Calgary Press. 603-639.

& Marlin Mancilla. 2023. Activist anthropology “on the live edge” in Colombia: Conversations among collaborators. In Research Handbook on Law, Movements, and Social Change, S. Boutcher, C. Shdaimah and Michael Yarbrough, eds. Edward Elgar Publishing. 38-55.

2021. “¡Guardia, Guardia!”: Autonomías y defensa territorial en el contexto del pos-Acuerdo colombiano. In Autonomías y Autobobierno en Territorios Indígenas en la América Diversa, M. González, A. Burguete Cal y Mayor, J. Mariman, P. Ortiz T. y R. Funaki, eds. Editorial Abya-yala/UPS. 591-626

Presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in 2021


& M. Fonseca. 1999. Conflict and collaborative management outcomes in Cahuita, Limón, Costa Rica. In Cultivating Peace: Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resources Management, D. Buckles, ed. Ottawa, ON: International Development Research Centre. 129-150.

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